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New COVID rules to include face coverings in canteens

Workers should wear face coverings when in their canteens, if they are not sitting to eat and drink, according to the latest #UK Government guidance.

Measures unveiled by Downing Street and devolved administrations this week have prompted a re-write of the #Construction #Leadership #Council’s (CLC) site operating procedures, which are being prepared for re-issue.

A statement from #Build #UK released this morning highlighted that the new restrictions mean people in canteens should cover their face unless they are eating or drinking.

It added that sharing a car to and from work is still permitted in #England and Wales, though people should try to avoid it. Updated laws in Scotland state vehicle sharing with people outside your own household is restricted “unless absolutely necessary”.

The Build UK statement added that the organisation “continues to make the point that variations in restrictions across the four nations is not helpful for businesses that work across the whole of the UK”.

An update from the trade body last week claimed that a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) “investigation concluded” that a recent serious outbreak of #COVID-19 on an unnamed site found that travelling to work, as well as socialising, were likely to have been responsible for the outbreak.

The spokesperson said a point was made that workers should be encouraged to follow guidance on limiting transmission outside the workplace, but stressed that the watchdog does not investigate or make conclusions about virus spread outside sites.

Meanwhile, the CLC has urged all construction workers to download the new #NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app which is now available in England and Wales.

CLC co-chair Andy Mitchell said: “We believe the #construction #industry can lead the way in encouraging the widest possible roll-out of this app, which will be vital in our national fight against COVID-19 in the weeks and months ahead.

“Construction is uniquely placed in that we have been operating throughout the pandemic using site operating procedures to ensure COVID-secure environments, a model of safety best practice that has been taken up in other sectors and across the world.

“In addition, as well as employing some 2.3 million people, our industry is highly visible to the public in all parts of England and Wales.”

He urged all employers to create QR code posters, which are now legal requirements for the hospitality and events sectors to use, for people to check-in at sites, in order to help contact tracing and isolation to slow the spread of the virus.

From Monday, a support payment of £500 will be available to those on low incomes who are told to self-isolate, alongside fines of up to £10,000 for those who do not comply.


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