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Innovative Construction Methods and Techniques: Benefiting The Environment

Sustainable design shares that big-picture view of how our choices affect more than the present. Green design is a comprehensive approach to selecting and integrating processes and materials that create long-term consumer satisfaction whilst conserving the environment.

The fundamental principles of a green build include;

Optimize Site Potential – The location, orientation and landscaping of a building all affect the local ecosystem. Site design must integrate with sustainable design to achieve a successful project.

Optimize Energy Usage – Creating net zero energy buildings is one way to significantly reduce our dependence on fossil fuel-derived energy.

Protect and Conserve Water – Sustainable builds should use water efficiently and recycle water for on-site use, when feasible.

Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) – The way a building is designed has a significant impact on occupant health, comfort and productivity. A sustainable build maximizes daylighting, has appropriate air quality, optimizes acoustic performance and avoids the use of high-VOC emission materials.

Optimize Building Space and Material Use – As long as the global population continues to grow, so will the demand for natural resources. A green build is designed and operated to use and recycle materials in the most sustainable way across its entire life-cycle.

Optimize Operational and Maintenance Practices – Green designers will specify materials and systems that reduce maintenance requirements, require less water and less energy. This should in turn be cost-effective by reducing  life-cycle costs.

The Future: Green Building

Studies show that the development and long-term growth of larger communities has had a major impact on the surrounding natural environment. As such, experts are now focusing on the design and construction of green buildings that could provide individuals with a more responsible way to consume natural resources. Not only does the widespread functionality of green buildings improve the local environment, but those working and living inside the buildings can enjoy healthier lives, free of pollution and waste.


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